Silence is always the loudest cry 

The outdoor in most of the cases is a platform of chances, opportunities and expectations plus trials. Experimentation of our skills and also practise of our beliefs.. Existence in the current situation of most  African countries is the survival of the fittest… Leadership on its bleak point… One hopes for better after pain but the people have to live on no expectations as disappointments and oppression of every kind dominates.. From corrupt government and politicians to the  lowest rank.. The people themselves do not spare each other. 

Countries for instance Kenya.. Having had a history of restless election periods.. How about we Kenyans think of ourselves for once.. The fighting and blood shed back in 2007 should have been our taste of bitter sweet on being always the victims… The funniest bit is we destroy ourselves one lifts a machete over a brother’s head because of leadership and paupered payment that can’t get anyone anywhere.. 

Humanity is the best thing to hold on to….The happiness of seeing everyone dealing with life the most possible way.Voting is everyone’s  right in a democratic country.. The leaders are asking for your votes.. But let us always have it in our minds that they lead us.. We make the decision on whether their leadership suits us or not.. A united front always beats the odds… 

Let’s vote peacefully and make sure that our effort and fruits borne don’t go to waste in a flash of time… The greatest investment that always has uncertain results of the future.. I urge all Kenyans to vote wisely and think about themselves and loved ones before taking uneccesaary actions against one another… Peace is rewarding for the soul and spirit 


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