Most of us believe that these three co-exist….but my main question is what is the most important of all… Is it loyalty… Trust me I have no idea too

Lately I have been indoors things don’t always turn out the way we expect.. You know the usual stuff but this round broken trust held me up on my couch for three weeks… I have no tears and I don’t know how to explain the pain because tears won’t help.. I have no budge chocking me due to anger… It’s just the pain of disappointment and lack of the need to fix it because if it is for the time and energy invested… Did the person who wronged me ever put them in mind.. Actually not even the time I invested but the one he/she did 

Do we examine every action we take… Or the attitude of facing the consequences later got us trying out everything ..

I have prayed.. Sung my vocals out even played the nothing happened act but actually no change… I feel like I just exist… The heat in Kenyan coast is really on my nerves… All I do is get up braid my hair into two cornrow.. Read a novel while listening to some soothing music and lots of Pentatonix acapela till evening when I grab my phone check my emails and sit by the window while sipping iced tea…. 

I guess that all I hold on to is time to erase this normadity of pain in some way  betrayal …guess you have to be loyal so that trust start taking over but one thing I am sure of… Love has nothing to do with this two


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