Embracing your being 

  1. Since I was little I had the ability to shine in academics.This comes prior to alot of expectations and a parent’s preference of the white collar jobs for their kids but my passion for text both reading and writing showed when I was literally 7 years old.In the Kenyan system of education,their are text that students have to read in their O levels and A level.. I had practically  completed reading my elder sister’s  A level set books while still in my O levels….though I performed well in my studies generally ,I didn’t expect literature  to be my it thing.I was always motivated to be either an engineer or a lawyer … Right now I am in university and pursuing literature… Guess this was my destiny… Tried to fight it actually for almost an year and a half but always hitting a dead point.. Recently discovered writing Jobs online and would graciously love to share with my audience and anyone seeking to earn money through online writing checks out the following link. http://appesay.com./writing jobs/

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