Words,,,phrases,, quotes 

This has been my thing for the longest time I can recall… Filling up my gallery with pictorial quotes.. Mainly to boost my esteem and give me a reason to hold on… For the quite some time  I have been focusing on creating something for me.. And maybe even grow it to something worth the African respect… Mostly what ladies do is never recognised.. Practically some of we.. Ladies.. Make it even harder to get the chance or attention our achievements deserve.I know specifications maybe abit harsh.. I don’t mean to mean that all the other options can’t prove right but one thing I have witnessed is how ladies lower themselves to fit in the society..mainly in African countries where the baby girl is to grow up and study to a certain level and then forgo her dreams in the name of bringing up a family.Having a focussed personality sometimes proves dangerous.. The was a time I was at my grandmas house and all she told me is to take care of myself and not to study so much otherwise I won’t get a husband..”Men fear a learned lady… You will end up all alone”.This had me wandering around mostly because I don’t think I need marriage in order to have a happy life.. African version of marriage is in order to satisfy the Society’s belief of existence  and reproduce.Frankly..I have had to deal with friends who stay around in relationships though unhappy due to fear of judgement of being alone or single at a certain age.. The words the community whispers in the dark.,,the condemning words in some of the African proverbs and the burden in the name of responsibility the african lady has to deal with.. I believe happiness in life matters more than anything. One thing my world has taught me is that you decide to be happy on your own and create your own happiness. Virtues of the community, if not anything that has any value to you, don’t let it dictate your beliefs, choices or your life in general. 


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