Lately I have been focusing on creating something new… African lady has pearls in her life which come in many forms. She has been adopted to dealing with alot… But there’s always the fun part. An introduction to my life would seem fair.. Being the last kid didn’t make life any easier… First of all you will always be the kid and the adventures depend on various things like your area of upbringing. Personally,I have been brought up in the ghetto community. This is where amenities are foreign.Though the government shows little effort which actually is not any effort at all since it majorly hides behind foreign aid in the name of poverty and development.The fun part was accostuming to survival.. Where you had to learn how to face both verbal and physical bullies… Being short and brilliant added some sour sauce on top of my miserable life. I tried hard to run but they always caught up with me. It’s not rare to go home late due to performing others duties  in fear of having your books in the mad or actually loosing them for good. Yeah I know it’s definitely not the fun part of life but the best was knowing that you could always make them pay.Tricks were fun and making them cry was the best since it meant having them on the edge for a pretty long time. Once the it girls had a rumour going on that I actually was a lesbian.. I know it’s weird but though africans play cool when it comes to homo-stuff trust me they despise it. So I actually don’t like being on people’s lips.. I did what a normal nerd does… Hide from the crowd but when confronted by the bad girl adoration point came as a saving shot. I thought of my decency but rewinded it and decided why not paste my name on their lips for a longer period. I just stayed a simple week of hanging out with the it guy and made sure all the gossipers knew of it. 


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